Vortex Guided Meditation

The concept of vortexes offers us the invitation to experience the beauty of Sedona with more than just our eyes. In this oasis for the soul, the energy of the earth is magnified and our experience becomes heightened. Sitting quietly and experiencing what a vortex has to offer is the simplest and most direct way make the most of it. Meditations, visualizations, or breathing exercises are additional ways to experience Sedona’s powerful energy spots.

Walk or sit on the land and listen to the sounds, smell the soft desert aromas, taste the air, and feel the energy with your body. You can sense vortex energy best through your body.  The more you focus on your body, the better you will be able to feel a sense of subtle vibration and the movement of energy in your body.

Energy Meditation to Awaken Your Sense of Your Body’s Life Energy

If you are new to the idea of energy or have trouble feeling it, try this simple meditation to stimulate your awareness. It can be used at any time to amplify your senses.

Sit comfortably with your back straight and your shoulders relaxed. Breathe for a little while without trying to control your breathing. Pay attention to the sensation of your breath going in and out of your body.

When your mind and emotions become quieter, raise your hands to chest level and face your palms toward each other, keeping them a couple of inches apart. Focus your mind on your palms. Pay attention to the sensations you have in that part of your body.

Then breathe in through your nose and separate your palms further. Breathe out through your mouth and bring your palms closer together, while still not letting them touch. Keep repeating this motion with your focus on the sensations in your palms. The sensations you feel there are the feeling of your body’s life energy. You may feel many different things, including heat, tingling, pulsing, and/or stickiness. The longer you do this meditation, the more quiet and expanded your mind will become. It can also release your emotions and open your heart.

If you have trouble feeling any sensations at first, don’t worry. The more you try to feel something, the tenser you will become. Tension blocks energy flow. Just relax and do the exercise without expectation. You can also try shaking and/or clapping your hands to stimulate the energy flow there.

How does the vortex energy feel for most people?

The more we are able to achieve a timeless space within ourselves and connect with our inner selves, the more we are able to connect with the intensified earth energies known as vortexes.

With that in mind, and with our soul as our guide, different levels and degrees of perception will open within us and to us that will help advance our spiritual progress. This is why seekers come to Sedona.

Many people say that Sedona amplifies their emotions. Let’s say that you feel great anger bubbling up inside you at one site. It’s an opportunity to acknowledge and release it or, if you are surprised, to just know it’s there. You can also try to understand where it came from and why it came up. Grief can arise, especially if there has been a trauma in one’s life. Again, it’s an opportunity for release and processing the grief.

Most people feel a heightened sense of joy. They feel better than they have in years and are bursting with energy. Some feel like kids again and regain their sense of wonderment and play. They feel all the burdens of life slipping away from their body and mind. On the same day, they might suddenly feel fearful and not know why. Again, this is an opportunity to know yourself. Much of your experience here is reflected by your thoughts and feelings, but anything that has been hidden might slowly come into your awareness.

Many people have truly inspiring experiences in which they see their lives more clearly and can envision what they truly want. Their dreams unfold and their purpose becomes evident. Suddenly, they see everything in a different light. Others are more subtly affected, but the result is just as profound for them. Sometimes it takes a few days to understand what has happened and the insights will bubble up after they have returned home.

And then there are the people who have visions. It is not uncommon. They are usually of a past life that will shed understanding on one’s present life and issues.  They can also be a vision of one’s future – or anything in between. And anything else that you can imagine for yourself that is uplifting and inspiring can, and usually does, happen here. It is done gently, and with love, courtesy of Mother Earth. It’s one of her gifts to you – and you alone. The possibilities are infinite…..

Getting Messages and Answers to Questions

With your awareness inward and your mind calmer, you can also ask yourself specific questions. If there is something you really want to know, or a problem you need to solve, your deepest self usually has the best answer. Ask the question in your mind, and then watch what occurs in your body and mind as a detached observer.

What comes up in your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations? How are they different from those in your everyday life? What do they tell you about your current state? You may hear or see something in your mind that does not feel as if it’s part of your usual flow of thoughts. It may trigger a feeling of “rightness” or “otherness” or just feel like something special you should know. This is a message from your inner self that you can use for your life.

When your senses are fully awakened and you are aware of your inner self, you may sense you need a particular spot or form of meditation. You will intuitively know which meditation suits a particular situation at a certain time.

The Call of Sedona App for iOS and Android platforms has guided audio/visual meditations for vortexes that you can do in Sedona or anywhere you happen to be. You can also do a particular meditation at any vortex site.