Vortex, the Spiraling Earth Energy

What are these vortexes that you hear so much about in Sedona?

They are areas of powerfully focused earth energy and facilitaing self-awareness, meditation, a sense of peace or wellbeing, and even healing experience. The Native Americans have long held Sedona sacred and believed that Sedona had the power to awaken one’s true dreams and yearnings.

Probably the best way to understand the vortex phenomena is to experience it for yourself. You can enjoy sitting quietly, a gentle walk, or your favorite meditation and ritual. The key is to relax your body, quiet your chattering mind, and go within. Inside that quietude, it will be much easier to interact with Sedona’s energy to help magnify, reveal, or release what is in your heart and mind.

Exploring Sedona on your own is great fun, but if guidance would give you greater understanding and enjoyment, our network of experienced vortex meditation guides is at your service.