Healing Chakras Intensive

RetreatAre you looking for an energy healer you can trust and a breakthrough experience that will empower you to dissolve the most stubborn blockages in your life? If so, we invite you to consider the Healing Chakras Intensive.

The Healing Chakras Intensive is a powerful program that will help you to identify and realize underlying energetic issues and find real solutions for your life.

This is a program for those who are tired of “beating around the bush” and want the fast track to clarity and genuine results.

What are Chakras and why do they matter?

chakra full bodyChakras are energy centers of your body. Extended from the base of the spine to the top of the head, these seven spinning vortexes receive, assimilate, and express your energy. They are highly attuned sensors that respond to the state of your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Each chakra is associated both with physical areas in the body and with specific issues you experience in your life. Imbalances in these centers can result in energy blockages and manifest as unhealthy behaviors or even illness in the body.

If you are experiencing some limitations or challenges in your life—in relationships, career, or health—there’s a high probability that one or more of your chakras are not balanced. Your chakras not only reflect where you are now in your life but also have powerful energetic switches to reset the course of your life.

Healing Chakras Intensive is a systematic approach to bring greater health, happiness, and fulfillment by recovering the energetic balance in your life.

How do the Seven Chakras influence your life?

1st chakra: This “I Live” chakra influences your body, career, and finances.

  • Chakra about Money IssuesLocation: Base of spine
  • Color: Dark red
  • This chakra is associated with our survival needs, our sense of grounding, and our connection to the physical plane.
  • When the 1st chakra is balanced, it brings us physical vitality, a sense of safety and security, stability, solidity, and prosperity.
  • When the 1st chakra is weak, we experience feelings of fear or anxiety, significant challenges within our bodies, families, and businesses, and difficulty in manifesting what we want in our life. When the 1st chakra is overactive, we tend toward overeating, excessive spending, greediness, resistance to change, and workaholism.

2nd chakra: This “I Feel” chakra influences your sexuality and emotions.

  • Call of Sedona | ChakraLocation: Lower abdomen
  • Color: Soft red
  • The 2nd chakra is related to emotions and sexuality.
  • When the 2nd chakra is balanced, it brings us depth of feeling with the ability to enjoy pleasure, sexual fulfillment, and a passion for life.
  • When the 2nd chakra is weak, we often experience emotional numbness, lack of excitement, and fear of sexuality or pleasure. If it’s over active, we tend to experience excessive mood swings, addiction to stimulation, and sexual addiction.

3rd chakra: This “I Do” chakra influences your personal power and self-esteem.

  • Location: Solar Plexus
  • Color: Orange
  • This chakra controls our personal power, will, and autonomy.
  • When the 3rd chakra is balanced, it provides self-esteem, good self-discipline, a spontaneous and playful attitude, and the ability to take risks.
  • When the 3rd chakra is weak, we experience a lack of energy, poor digestion, low self-esteem, poor self-discipline, and tend to see ourselves as victims. When it’s overactive, we show a tendency to be controlling, arrogant, hyperactive, and place exaggerated importance on power and status.

4th chakra: This “I Love” chakra influences your relationships.

  • 4th Chakra | Ilchi Lee's Book - The Call of SedonaLocation: Heart
  • Color: Gold
  • This chakra is related to love and is the integrator of opposites in the psyche: mind and body, male and female, ego and unity.
  • When the 4th chakra is balanced, it brings us boundless love, wholeness, compassion, a deep sense of peace and centeredness, and empathy.
  • When the 4th chakra is weak, we have feelings of shyness, alienation, loneliness, a fear of intimacy, and a lack of empathy. When it’s overactive, we tend to focus too much on pleasing others, have poor boundaries, and experience jealousy.

5th chakra: This “I Express” chakra influences your self-expression and communication.

  • 5th chakra | Ilchi Lee's Book - The Call of SedonaLocation: Pit of throat
  • Color: Blue-green
  • This chakra is related to communication on all levels.
  • When it’s balanced, it brings us clear communication with our self and others, the expression of our truth, the ability to listen to our inner voice, and creativity.
  • When this chakra is weak, we experience difficulty expressing things or ideas into words, have a fear of speaking, and exhibit excessive shyness. When it’s overactive, we have a tendency of talking too much, an inability to listen, difficulty in being silent, and an overactive thyroid.

6th chakra: This “I See” chakra influences your insights.

  • 6th Chakra | Ilchi Lee's Book - The Call of SedonaLocation: Forehead (third eye)
  • Color: Navy blue
  • This chakra is related to the act of seeing, both physically and intuitively.
  • When it’s balanced, it brings us insight, strong intuition, wisdom, and the ability to see the big picture.
  • When this chakra is weak, we experience difficulty visualizing, poor memory, lack of imagination, and difficulty in recognizing patterns. When it’s overactive, we tend to have nightmares, a lack of concentration, intrusive memories, and excessive fantasizing.

7th chakra: This “I Am” chakra influences your spiritual connection. 

  • 7th Chakra | Ilchi Lee's Book - The Call of SedonaLocation: Crown of the head
  • Color: Lavender, purple
  • Associated body parts: Muscular system, brain, cranium, and skin.
  • This chakra represents the highest state of enlightenment and facilitates our spiritual development.
  • When it’s balanced, it brings us spiritual connection, wisdom and mastery, open-mindedness, and totality of being.
  • When this chakra is weak, we tend toward spiritual skepticism, a lack of inspiration, a closed mind, and apathy. When it’s overactive, we tend toward excessive intellectualism, spiritual elitism, and form excessive attachments.

Healing Chakras was developed by Ilchi Lee, a grand master of energy principles.

Healing Chakras by Ilchi LeeSince his realization of the transformative nature of energy while meditating on a mountaintop in Korea, Ilchi Lee has developed innovative systems of teaching energy principles to the general public. His teachings have empowered hundreds of thousands of people to unlock the secrets to greater health, happiness, and fulfillment. Healing Chakras is one of the most advanced, all-encompassing systems of energy studies available today.

Healing Chakras is based on the intensive workshop that has been given to hundreds of thousands of people around the world over a twenty-year period. The system has worked for real people and is still transforming thousands of lives worldwide.

The principles behind Healing Chakras are derived from the age-old Korean tradition of Taoism. This great legacy of knowledge teaches us how to master energy and how to live a life of completion.

The Healing Chakras system is composed of a series of principles and techniques to evaluate, activate, and balance the whole chakra system. The effectiveness of the universal energy principles Ilchi Lee teaches have been embraced by millions of practitioners around the world since he first introduced his teachings in 1980.

Meet Your Healer, Banya Lim

Banya Lim The HealerBanya Lim, L.Ac, is the Director of the Sedona Chakra Healing Arts Center. A master of Oriental medicine and a nationally licensed acupuncturist, she continues a family tradition of Oriental healing that has extended over four generations. She was able to sense other people’s energy at an early age and began her training at age seven as an apprentice to her mother. Her mother, who was also a gifted energy healer and an acupuncturist, helped to nurture her gifts. Banya has been trained by Ilchi Lee to lead Healing Chakras sessions and specializes in Oriental medicine and energy principles for the integrated healing of body, mind, and spirit.

Healing Chakras Intensive with Banya is composed of Three Steps.

[STEP 1: CHAKRA READING] A 20-minute session to read and sense your chakras.

Banya senses and perceives your chakras in two ways: 1) her intuitive mind, and 2) her twenty-year professional practice of Oriental medicine (a major part of this session). In addition, an integral part of this session is the use of the Chun Bu Kyung, or Heavenly Code, which is a sacred text of the Korean Tao tradition. Banya references this ancient scripture to find a key message to balance your chakras.

[STEP 2: CHAKRA HEALING] A 30-minute session to open and balance your chakras.

The key in Healing Chakras is to identify underlying issues that are causing imbalances in your chakra system. Banya guides you to see and release your most stubborn energy blockages. Banya will select the appropriate healing modality that works best for your specific needs. Her chakra healing modalities include vibrational sounds, crystals, color therapy, meditation, and breathing.

[STEP 3: CHAKRA WISDOM] 10 minutes of guidance on how to keep your chakras healthy.

With Banya’s compassionate, in-depth assistance, you will be able to understand the core energetic problem behind any physical ailment or mental discomfort you may have. Banya will share her key insights on how to maintain your energetic balance and how to make satisfying progress in your personal growth—because Healing Chakras is all about realizing your full potential.


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