Let Us Facilitate Your Soulful Sedona Experiences

Through its personal intimacy and lyrical description, The Call of Sedona, by Ilchi Lee, reveals the inner and outer beauty of Sedona for you to explore. The book is not only Ilchi Lee’s story, but also an invitation to passionately embrace your own truth.

If you’ve been inspired to visit Sedona to jumpstart your inner journey and would like assistance in getting the most from your stay, there are retreats and workshops readily available for you. Here you’ll find experienced facilitators who have learned from Ilchi Lee and can help you experience Sedona through meditation and self-reflection just as he did. Let them facilitate a deeply profound meditative adventure for you.

Sedona Meditation Retreat

Enjoy the different spiritual retreat programs at Sedona Mago Retreat in the heart of the red rock country. Allow your deepest voice to be heard. Come away with new perspectives, new inspirations, and a renewed passion for life.

Choose from several retreats

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Healing Chakras Intensive

The Healing Chakras Intensive is a powerful program that will help you to identify and realize underlying energetic issues and find real solutions for your life. This is a program for those who are tired of “beating around the bush” and want the fast track to clarity and genuine results.

$195 for 1 hour intensive 

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Sedona Vortex Experience

You’ve been drawn to Sedona and have finally decided to visit this magical land. Now it’s time to experience Sedona’s Vortex energy firsthand and make your Sedona trip a true journey of the heart.

$99 for 2 and half hours 

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