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Are you enjoying The Call of Sedona and perhaps interested in learning more about meditations in the book or Ilchi Lee’s mind-body practices? Here are many ways you can try:

If You Are in Sedona Now

Then you are already in the right place. We at are here to help you deeply experience the meditative power of Sedona. Please click here or call 877.504.1106 to see which program will best suit your needs and situation.

Another way is to directly contact the several organizations in Sedona that provide meditation programs, holistic healing, and spiritual artwork and gifts inspired by Ilchi Lee’s teachings. The compassionate meditation guides in these organizations can help you transform your life to become the greatest and grandest.

Sedona Mago Retreat 005

Sedona Mago Retreat: Sedona’s premier venue for spiritual retreats and natural healing workshops, located in 160 acres of pristine wilderness.
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– Call 928.204.3391 to talk somebody at Sedona Mago Retreat

Sedona Story Interior

Sedona Story:  A healing store featuring spiritually inspired art, crystals, aura readings, and vortex energy healing.
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– Call 928.282.3875 to talk somebody at Sedona Story

Sedona Meditation Center BuildingSedona Meditation Center: A center for meditation, yoga, dance, breathing, and collaborative healing in Uptown Sedona.
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– Call 928.282.3600 to talk somebody at Sedona Meditation Center

Chakra Healing CenterChakra Healing Arts Center: A holistic healing arts center specializing in opening and balancing the body’s energy pathways.
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– Call 928.204.1047 to talk somebody at Chakra Healing Arts Center

BR Clinic 001BR Clinic: An all-encompassing source for the Oriental Healing Arts: acupuncture, energy healing, and herbal remedies.
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– Call 928.567.7897 to talk somebody at BR Clinic

Looking for Something Near Your Home?

In addition to Dahn Yoga and Brain Education, Ilchi Lee has developed many other mind-body training methods that you can learn at over 1,000 locations worldwide and at 120 centers in the United States. All centers offer group classes and individual sessions in meditative movement and breathing, as well as personal growth workshops.

Dahn YogaDahn Yoga: A leader in health and wellness, offering classes in yoga, tai chi, meditation, and other mind-body training programs that are based upon Traditional Korean healing philosophy.
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Body and Brain Holistic FitnessBody + Brain Holistic Yoga: A unique style of yoga studio specializing in the integration of the very best of yoga benefits and new findings in neuroscience.
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Power Brain Training CenterPower Brain Training Center:  An innovative Brain Education training center for adults and children offering family retreats, summer camps, and special workshops, in addition to regular classes.
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Online Resources

Access online meditations and articles and download mobile applications based upon Ilchi Lee’s mind-body energy principles:

  • An online broadcasting and community site featuring Ilchi Lee’s energy principles in various multimedia formats.
  •  The official website of Ilchi Lee. Features stories, inspirations, and news from and about Ilchi Lee.


Join a Meditation Circle

Are you enjoying The Call of Sedona and are you interested in learning more? Why not join a Meditation Circle? Many readers of The Call of Sedona practice the book’s meditation techniques and exercises in a group. These “Energy Meditation Circles” help to make the meditations easier to do and even more effective. There is also the opportunity to gather and communicate virtually at

To find a Meditation Circle near you, or to register your own, please visit here.