It’s Up to You!

“Be the sun breaking through the clouds.” ― A.D. Posey We can be so affected by the weather, especially at this time of year when Nature seems to be having trouble making up her mind! One day is brilliantly sunny and the next is cloudy and gray! It is easy to let the changing weather […]

Sedona Film Festival Director, Patrick Schweiss Shares His Joy of Sedona Living

Like Ilchi Lee, Patrick Schweiss, Executive Director of the Sedona International Film Festival, heeded the Call of Sedona and enjoys an exciting career helping to create some of the annual excitement that happens in Sedona. LT: Please tell our readers what drew you to Sedona. PS: I’m from Minnesota originally, and I went to Arizona […]

Awakening the Spirit of Youth

“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.” – William Shakespeare No matter that age may have changed the skin around our eyes to crepe, even all the way to sagging “elephant skin!” We still look out through those familiar eyes from a soul which is both old and young at the same time. […]

Experience Verde Valley and Sedona Area with Birding and Nature Festival

If you are visiting Sedona this spring and love birding, add the 2016 Verde Valley Birding & Nature Festival, to your itinerary. This unique recreational experience includes birding tours and guided walks and other activities. Scheduled for Thursday, April 21 through Sunday April 24, 2016, the event includes a “Family Nature Fair & Open House” […]

The Call of Sedona Awakened the Artist for Harriet McInnis

As Ilchi Lee so often points out in The Call of Sedona, the landscape here is fertile ground for inspiration and creativity! Oil painter, Harriet McInnis discovered this for herself as she developed new interests and talents in Sedona. LT: Harriet, your work has an essence that captures the gentle countryside, rather than the famous […]