First, there was a dream …

In 1980, on the top of Mt. Moak in South Korea, Ilchi Lee awakened to the truth that each of us is a great soul and great life and that our choices have the power to create a better world. He had a dream of sharing this awakening with the world.

In 1996, Ilchi traveled from Los Angeles to Sedona after reading about it in a local newspaper. He immediately knew that it was the land with an indispensable spiritual quality for which he had been searching. Soon he settled in Sedona, founded Sedona Mago Retreat, wrote books, and initiated many international projects and movements.

Today Ilchi Lee’s teachings are taught in more than 1,000 locations and are touching hundreds of thousands of the hearts around the world. He believes that without the inspirations he received from Sedona, his dream would remain still unfulfilled.

Then, there was a book…

In early 2012, Ilchi Lee’s book The Call of Sedona: Journey of the heart blasted to the top of bestseller lists with its blend of inspired Sedona anecdotes, meditation guidance, spiritual advice, and—above all—the belief that Sedona’s inspirational beauty will help us connect with the most beautiful, powerful part of ourselves. First independently published by a small company in Sedona, BEST Life Media, the book’s runaway success resulted in Scribner’s republishing the book.

And, the inspired readers …

And something amazing happened. Many inspired readers started coming to Sedona from all over the world to experience the spirit of Sedona firsthand. They were less interested in conventional sightseeing. Rather, they looked for more meaningful experiences to connect to nature and their inner landscape and asked us to help! That’s the point when The Call of Sedona book site evolved into this gateway site for a soulful Sedona experience based on the spirit of the book.

Yes, we have a dream too …

All of us who are working on this website came to Sedona to follow our dreams. And of course, we have a dream that we cast on this website and beyond:

  • Help people create meaningful experiences in Sedona and in their lives.
  • Provide tips, inspirations, and programs for a soulful Sedona experience.
  • Inspire people to connect with nature and their authentic self.
  • Make this world a healthier, happier, and more peaceful place.

It’s now all about your dream.

“It is always our dreams that lend meaning and value to our daily life. If you need a dream, or if you need to rediscover a dream you’ve lost, come here to Sedona,” writes Ilchi Lee in The Call of Sedona. Indeed, Sedona is a place to lift our spirit and awaken the best and the deepest in our heart, if we are ready for it.

We’ve seen that so many people found a renewed sense of purpose through life-transforming experiences here in Sedona and we would love to see it happen for you. With the great assistance of Sedona’s inspiring beautify, we are happy to help you reconnect to your dreams and live the life you desire.

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