Banya Lim, Spiritual Intuitive, Manager of Sedona Healing Arts

Banya Lim, Spiritual Intuitive, Manager of Sedona Healing Arts

Spiritual Intuitive Banya Lim has been practicing energy healing in Sedona for over 13 years. Her company, Sedona Healing Arts, sits among magnificent red rocks on the way to Uptown Sedona and offers visitors from around the world personal guidance for experiencing the powerful healing energy of Sedona that Ilchi Lee speaks of in The Call of Sedona.

In this article, Banya Lim offers several tips for tapping into your spiritual side.

1. “Before anything else, know that you are a spiritual being!”
Banya points out that realizing that this not something that is taught in schools. “We have not been taught to get in touch with our spiritual side and enhance that aspect of ourselves. The truth is that we are spiritual beings in this physical world.” Understanding that you are a ‘spiritual being’ must come first.

2. Train to sense and feel energy.
With this basic understanding of our spirituality, understanding the energy that flows through all living things becomes easier. Banya comments, “Being able to sense and to feel energy is something that can be learned through training. The word ‘training’ has many connotations, but it is important to realize that all of the sages through history have practiced some form of training to harness the energy we are speaking about.

3. Practice enhancing and expanding energy.
I personally practice Tao to not only feel the energy, but to enhance and expand the energy as well. Through training exercises and meditation, we begin to feel the energy.” She adds, “Energy is the language of the soul. Just as spirit is ‘who we are.’ Even though we may not see it, we know that it exists. We practice to experience it, confirm its existence, and to expand the experience of it.”

4. Get guidance when you need it.
Banya also points out that it is helpful to have some guidance as you strive to be in greater touch with your spiritual aspect. That guidance can assist you in growing and expanding not only your spiritual awareness, but your consciousness as well. Sedona Healing Arts utilizes readings, healing and energy training and Sedona retreats in an individually personalized way to assist in this wonderful process of self-discovery.

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