In his book, The Call of Sedona, Ilchi Lee describes the wonders of Sedona’s many vortex areas. Although he has explored these spectacular trails on foot, adventure lovers can now experience these amazing energy centers following a short ride on an ATV (all-terrain vehicle). The ATV can take you places you might not otherwise attain as you create a journey discovering the vortexes and energy of the land.

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But first, “What is a vortex?”

Vortex energy can be experienced strongly in Sedona, especially in certain areas. These areas are known for healing, calming, or energizing sensations which may be experienced when you visit. The staff at Vortex Healing ATV Rental, featured in this article, offers a free vortex energy orientation help visitors understand and feel vortex energy along with maps and helpful guides for meditation and energy self-healing.

Although there are many options to experience the energy of this land, here are 5 of the best vortex trails in the Sedona area which can be explored via ATV as well as on foot:

Schnebly Hill

Schnebly Hill: This lookout is one of my personal favorites. In fact, I once timed this just right and was able to see both the setting sun and the rising moon from our vantage point! The very rough dirt road ascends upward using one of the oldest original roads in Sedona and is great fun in an ATV.

Dry Creek Road

Dry Creek Road

Devil's Bridge

Devil’s Bridge

Dry Creek Road with hiking to Devil’s Bridge: If you’d like to combine a short ATV ride and some hiking, Dry Creek Road and Devil’s Bridge are a good choice.

Shaman's Cave

Shaman’s Cave: Ilchi Lee’s description of this beautiful vortex in The Call of Sedona is enough in itself to make you want to visit this amazing cave for quiet reflection and meditation. Shaman’s Cave is visited by Native Americans and spiritual teachers and leaders for inspiration.

Sugarloaf Mountain

Sugarloaf Mountain

Black Mountain

Black Mountain

Black Mountain and Sugarloaf Mountain: A very exciting ride into the pristine countryside where you’ll enjoy unusual red rock formations and spectacular desert views as you change elevation.

Greasy Spoon

Greasy Spoon Trail: This trail offers a very bumpy, rugged drive as you traverse rocks and enjoy scenic views on your way to a truly amazing view of Secret Mountain. This one becomes more slippery and difficult when wet.

And here are a few practical tips for your Sedona adventure: Remember to dress appropriately, including hiking shoes, hats, sunglasses and layers of clothing that can be added or removed. Take along plenty of water. Take your camera to capture your impressions and your experience along the way!

Most of all please treat the land with respect as you visit Sedona’s sites. Travel in designated recreational areas and avoid doing damage to local plants. Never ever carve or damage rock faces and please, take only photos and leave only footprints on marked hiking trails. Never throw a cigarette butt from your vehicle and pack a small bag to contain your trash as you drive and hike to protect wildlife and help keep Sedona beautiful!

For more information and help with planning your adventure, visit Sedona Vortex Healing ATV Rental.

Lynn A. TrombettaBy Lynn A. Trombetta: A freelance writer on nature, creativity and wellness, Lynn is also a visual artist, professional flutist, recording artist, and published author.