“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.” – William Shakespeare

No matter that age may have changed the skin around our eyes to crepe, even all the way to sagging “elephant skin!” We still look out through those familiar eyes from a soul which is both old and young at the same time. We know the physical world of aging; and turning seasons; of birth and of death. And yet we also sense the essence within which knows no time—the tireless, changeless and constant factor of ourselves that has always been at our very core.

So spring recalls in our memory freshly mowed green grasses, small children, Easter Sundays gone by, and sun on our cheeks, and reminds us our youth-filled nature is still very much alive within our sometimes weary physical dwelling. Spring is just the experience to awaken that spirit each year!

Get out in Nature and find a quiet place to discover within yourself the awakening spirit of youth. Experience a “Purifying Emotions” meditation as described by Ilchi Lee in The Call of Sedona:

Outdoors, sit someplace appealing in half-lotus position with palms upturned and relax your body and mind. Steady your breath and imagine spring’s soft, gentle, and purifying energy flowing down, through your crown into your head, shoulders, chest, and palms.

As you focus your awareness on your chest, allow any emotion or feelings that arise to be felt and then released. Take as much time as you need to replace the “old” with this new, fresh energy. Draw in the full spirit of this magnificent, seasonal rebirth and allow yourself to become free of past emotional burdens. Imagine the old energy is flowing out, away from you through your fingertips, as you slowly move your torso from side to side, swaying gently like a reed in the breeze.

Feel forgiveness, gratitude, love, and the renewed energy of spring filling your heart. Accumulate this energy in your abdomen as you sit comfortably and finish with several deep breaths.

Many blessings!

Lynn A. TrombettaBy Lynn A. Trombetta: A freelance web writer on topics of art, music, and wellness, Lynn is also a wildlife artist/photographer, professional flutist, recording artist, and published author.