If you are visiting Sedona this spring and love birding, add the 2016 Verde Valley Birding & Nature Festival, to your itinerary. This unique recreational experience includes birding tours and guided walks and other activities. Scheduled for Thursday, April 21 through Sunday April 24, 2016, the event includes a “Family Nature Fair & Open House” on April 23, 2016.

The Verde River Valley, one few remaining free-flowing rivers in the Southwest, is teeming with wildlife and plant life to be explored. Fed by tributaries from the Colorado Plateau, perennial streams flow out through Sedona, Clarkdale, Cottonwood, Cornville, Lake Montezuma and Camp Verde and make the valley most unique! These waterways connect diverse life zones ranging from 3,000 to 6,000 feet in altitude as they travel through pine-fir forests, oak tree woodlands, pinyon and juniper forests and areas of desert scrub. Quoting from the website,, “this vast watershed is habitat for one of the largest concentrations of resident and migratory bird life anywhere in the southwest.”

The Verde River Valley offers many trails to be explored, and each is unique in its own way and in how the experience of your journey will unfold. Why not approach nature with an open heart and view the land and its inhabitants with fresh eyes as you go?

With this approach to the experience, you will become significantly changed as the life inside of you becomes more fully awakened. Ilchi Lee explains in the pages of The Call of Sedona, “That life rejoices and is glad to see other life. When the life inside of us awakens, we can truly say that ‘every blooming flower is beautiful , , ,’ People who feel that, ‘I really have a bright and beautiful life inside of me,’ and come to know it, also know that other life forms are just like them.”

Try a birding adventure or nature hike and create within yourself a “walking, waking meditation.” Enjoy the sights and listen for the call of wild birds as you explore nature and enrich your life with a keener awareness of all life.

Enjoy your journey!

Lynn A. TrombettaBy Lynn A. Trombetta: A freelance web writer on topics of art, music, and wellness, Lynn is also a wildlife artist/photographer, professional flutist, recording artist, and published author.