Oak Creek, Arizona

For Ilchi Lee, the landscape surrounding Sedona has offered many adventures into varied terrain. If you’re in the mood for a peaceful walk near the waters of Oak Creek where you can enjoy the sound of birdsong, try the Page Springs creekside walk. After a leisurely stroll through beautiful old cottonwoods you will reach just the right spot beckoning you to sit and meditate a bit.

From the Sedona “Y,” zero out your trip odometer and travel southwest on Highway 89A toward Cottonwood for 11.25 miles (18 km) to the Page Springs Road turnoff. Turn left onto Page Springs Road and travel it to the 14.0 mile (22.4 km) point. You will have arrived at the beginning of a bridge which crosses Oak Creek. Pull off to park in a spot on the right shoulder of the road, just before you actually cross the bridge.

There are no signs to direct you, since this is a hiker-made trail. Follow the trail down the hill to the creek, then move south, away from the trailer park which is there. The trail is easy to follow and the creek banks are lined with immense cottonwood trees which offer rich, shady habitat for many species of birds, including blue herons.

You will be passing near the Arizona Game and Fish Hatchery, and if you call ahead for operating hours, you can include a visit here in your adventure. The walking trail eventually tapers to a point against a hillside, cutting off further travel. You will find strange, burnt-mauve colored rock formations here. Pause awhile and enjoy the sounds of nature. Try this clear water meditation for a mind-refreshing experience:

Sit somewhere comfortable, keeping your back straight, and begin to breathe a little deeper. Allow your breathing to become even slower and deeper as you open your senses to all of the beauty that surrounds you.

Focus on the sound of the nearby water and allow it to penetrate your awareness until hearing becomes the most present sense. Imagine that the creek’s water comes to you and begins to flow from the top of your head, through your entire body and out through your toes. Is it flowing freely, or is there some blockage as the water moves along? Allow the water to remove any obstruction with cooling, persistent sensations.

Next, focus on the crown of your head as the water continues to flow. Imagine the water has the gentle power to wash away any negative thoughts or energy, refreshing your brain with cool, clear energy.

Next, visualize that the water has found its way into your innermost organs. As it moves freely through your body from head to toe, it gently cleanses away stagnant energy from your heart, lungs, stomach, liver, small intestines, large intestines, and kidneys and carries away any and all negative energy.
Empty out! Let nature in! Enjoy a few deep breaths before you return your consciousness to the beautiful, peaceful place where you are. When you are ready, slowly open your eyes and enjoy the walk back!

Lynn A. TrombettaBy Lynn A. Trombetta: A freelance web writer on topics of art, music, and wellness, Lynn is also a wildlife artist/photographer, professional flutist, recording artist, and published author.