Brilliant sun dances
like diamonds on the water;
Summertime is here.

sunlit water

Summer in Arizona is an intense experience. Midday’s sunlight overpowers, and we may become grouchy, shielding our eyes from its persistence. The mind has grown quieter and the body is likely lazy with want of a hammock in the shade.

But Nature dares us to keep looking, keep moving forward and discover her beauty against all odds. Nature will awaken a great spirit of creativity within and allow you to create something new for yourself out of your silent observation of the world. Allow it all to sink in, slowly permeating and dissolving your worries and stresses until you understand you are free.

In The Call of Sedona, Ilchi Lee comments, “I believe the yearning that seeks to bring something new to a life that’s lost its luster is an inherently spiritual thing.”

Slowed down summer affords us the time and the mindset to let go a little and follow a sunlit path somewhere new. It’s good to rise early and catch the dew before it evaporates as you go somewhere, anywhere, outdoors.

The beautiful thing is, you don’t need to know what you are looking for. Just allow yourself to see.

By Lynn A. Trombetta