“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.”
— Maori proverb

girl in winter forest

This beautiful and wise proverb comes from the indigenous Polynesians of New Zealand. The people of this unique culture often use a term to describe themselves that means “people of the land.” The proverb speaks volumes of their inherent sense of connection to nature.

It seems the more we think about nature and energy, the more interconnectedness on many levels is revealed. Sometimes, when winter brings a sense of longing for the days of spring ahead, it is helpful to remember that with the bright energy of the sun to recharge and heal us, winter’s shadows, as well as our own internal shadows, can be illuminated and navigated.

Ilchi Lee, author of The Call of Sedona and creator of Brain Education, says we are “Solar” beings! He explains that through meditating and a series of simple exercises, we can raise our body temperature just enough to allow us to operate more efficiently on all levels. He calls someone with a Solar Body who acts for the greater good a “Solar Human” and adds that the very presence of a Solar Human makes the world brighter. Certainly, being able to maintain our body temperature at its healthiest level would be a welcome skill in the season’s chill!

No matter the snow, the cold, nor the shadows of winter, we can face the challenge of maintaining an eternal quality of sunshine within our mind and our heart: Turn your face to the sun and bask in the warmth and the glow of nature, and in the glow of your own true nature! Let the shadows fall behind you.

By Lynn A. Trombetta