For those who would like to experience spectacular views of Sedona, but are unable hike to the high points, there are two especially breathtaking lookout areas that are easily accessed by car just minutes from uptown Sedona.

Photo by Lynn A. Trombetta

Photo by Lynn A. Trombetta

Looking west: Airport Mesa is a popular destination for enjoying a sunset and a wide view photo opportunity for the whole family. Also, as Ilchi Lee points out in The Call of Sedona, Airport Mesa is a choice place to do a sunrise or sunset meditation. Try his Chakra Light Meditation at Sunset (page 200 in the book).

How to get there: From the Y in Sedona, travel southeast on Highway 89A toward west Sedona for just 1.0 mile (1.6 km) to Airport Road. Turn left onto Airport Road and drive uphill to the top where you will see a visitor’s area on the right and a parking area on the left. Park in the designated parking lot and then walk across the street to the lookout area. Look west to enjoy a panoramic red rock view.

Looking east: After leaving Airport Mesa, when you reach the bottom of the hill turn left onto Highway 89A. Travel on 89A toward Cottonwood a distance of 3.2 miles (5.1 km) to the Upper Red Rock Loop Road (Milepost 368.9). Turn left and follow the road 0.6 miles (0.9 km) to a turn off on the left. This very small lookout point is not well marked nor maintained, so take great care to watch where you are driving and pull in slowly to avoid damage to your vehicle. You can get out and walk a short distance to take photos of the nearly prehistoric view of the land as you look somewhat east. Or, if you prefer, stay on the highway to enjoy the amazing views from the comfort of your car. Traveling this road for approximately 5.4 more miles will take you to a left turn that leads to Crescent Moon Ranch Park, where you can turn around and head back, or pay a “per car” fee and enter this famous, scenic park.


  • Open year round.
  • Usage: Moderate
  • Facilities: no
  • Dogs allowed on a leash.

Special Tips:

  • Hiking shoes or boots and hats are recommended.
  • This area is recommended for older children.
  • Always take plenty of water, especially in warmer weather, and possibly a snack, but please remember, “Leave no trace” and take what you brought along home with you.
  • Take your camera and binoculars to capture the views.
  • If you leave your car, be smart about it, especially on the unmarked pull out. Stay close and on visible walking area used by others. Use unmarked areas at your own risk.

By Lynn A. Trombetta