Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul. – John Muir


In his book, The Call of Sedona, author Ilchi Lee refers to what he calls “nature-deficit disorder” as he discusses how a lack of interaction with nature may be part of the reason that adults are increasingly stricken with anxiety, depression, and other forms of distress.

During the winter season, this deficit may feel even more pronounced than during other times of the year. While many of us may experience the “winter blahs” or “winter blues,” it is helpful to remember that just outside the door are the many gifts of nature. No matter how miniscule, these tiny reminders speak of life under the snow and of the hidden buds that wait for spring, bringing hope of renewal and change.

Because we are ultimately “one” with the energy of nature, stepping outside to enjoy her beauty rejuvenates and refreshes us. It can happen in an instant—the change where you forget your distress over the everyday world and allow the energy of nature to put a glow in your eyes, a blush on your cheek and a “spring” in your step.

In fact, it is spring that we long for: warmer, sun-kissed days and the birth of a new season. But don’t rush the winter—it offers great beauty and is a time of rest and renewal. Take cheer in knowing that some of your quietude is normal and it is survivable. In the meantime, discover winter’s sunshine and enjoy the stillness of nature at this special time of year.

By Lynn A. Trombetta