“One sees great things from the valley; only small things from the peak.”
— G.K. Chesterton

Now there’s a different perspective for us to ponder! We tend to think of getting to higher ground to gain perspective on a situation. Overlooking a valley and being able to see far ahead to distant peaks has its definite advantages. But here we explore a different point of view.


In The Call of Sedona, Ilchi Lee speaks of his travels around Sedona in rich, emotional terms that capture the contrasting landscape; “Not only are there red rocks, green juniper trees, cacti, and a burning sun, but there are also ravines and steep gorges where clear water flows and wooded forests soaked with the gold of fall. This arid land that pours out such a primordial power has a unique ability to awaken within us the greatest of spirits.”

Nature’s inspiration is everywhere! We can imagine the valley as a metaphor for the “going within” that creates a greater vision in our mind’s eye as we respond to this awakened spirit inside of us. If we plan to climb a great mountain or perform a great feat, the valley symbolizes the beginning of our journey. Yet one step at a time, we come to know ourselves and the world that surrounds us.

If you choose to climb that mountain, the many small steps can be accomplished. And once you reach the top, you will see that everything seems small from the peak.

By Lynn A. Trombetta