“Like water, be gentle and strong. Be gentle enough to follow the natural paths of the earth, and strong enough to rise up and reshape the world.” – Brenda Peterson

Oak Creek in Sedona, AZ

Photo courtesy of Michelle E. Seo

Ilchi Lee speaks often about our ability to influence the world. This quote seemed to deliver that powerful message in such a visual and complete way!

Man has forever found inspiration in the images nature presents at every turn. After all, we are just one small aspect of all that is! Yet, of all of the creatures we share the planet with, we alone have the brain capabilities of reason: we alone have the powerful tool of choice as to what kind of person we will be and how we live out our lives.

In The Call of Sedona, Ilchi reveals his inspiring vision for us to share, “Whenever I bring Sedona to mind, there is a dream that always spreads before me. It’s an image of all of the people who come to Sedona interacting with the heart of the earth and becoming aware of the great spirit and strength within themselves. I also see these people each returning to their lives, actualizing that realization and sharing it together as they cultivate themselves and their communities more beautifully.”

As you walk the path of life, hear the rushing wind, the trickling brook, and really feel the ground beneath your feet. For, while we may travel far and wide, it is Mother Earth that supports us and guides us on to realizing the best in ourselves, for ourselves and for others.

By Lynn A. Trombetta