“Wildness reminds us what it means to be human, what we are connected to rather than what we are separate from.” – Terry Tempest Williams

connectedness of nature

In his book, The Call of Sedona, Ilchi Lee not only writes about his love of the red rocks, blue sky, and energy of Sedona. Meditations to receive the good that Sedona has to offer are also a large part of what Ilchi has chosen to share.

In his LifeParticles Energy Meditation he reminds us, “Remember that the whole universe—your body, mind, soul, and all of nature—is made of the same stuff, the energy you are feeling with your hands now. Remember that right now, in the moment you feel the energy, you are connected with the whole universe.”

Out in nature, we easily realize we are swimming in this sea of energy. If you indulge the thought, you can imagine how the very air that touches your skin and the rock that supports your body connect to each and every particle of life on the planet and beyond.

With these thoughts, not only do we come to understand our “connectedness,” but also our “oneness.” With our powerful human brains, we are able to comprehend all of this in a way that in some ways separates us from the other creatures with which we share Earth. And yet, it is this very understanding that connects us more wholly than we may ever truly fathom.

Pondering the connection is good. Living it is great.

By Lynn A. Trombetta