By L.A. Trombetta

If you’ve read Ilchi Lee’s The Call of Sedona, you are already familiar with his impressions of Bell Rock. Here’s an easy hike that will allow you to experience the magnificence of the area as you work your way up on any one of its numerous trails. Parking for this hike is right off Highway 179, and you’ll be up on the north face of Bell Rock in no time enjoying panoramic views and possibly even a little vortex power!

Ilchi Lee - Bell rock

A View from Bell Rock (Photo by L.A. Trombetta)

This area can seem busy, as it is very popular with visitors, but it’s not difficult to find you own trail and enjoy a peaceful experience in spite of any crowds. Wind your away around the formation at almost any elevation of this sunny and warm trail and you’ll easily experience the feel of the red rocks of Sedona in a way you’ll never forget. How far up you’ll go is up to you, but be sure to look out over the spectacular views as you go and watch for medicine wheels and other artifacts left by others along the path. Going all the way to the top is not recommended unless you are quite experienced and equipped. Bell Rock’s conical slopes and ledges seem to offer steps in places and there are plenty of spots along the way that will call to you to pause and reflect or meditate as the energy of the place soaks into your soul!

How to Get to Bell Rock – North Face:

Beginning at the roundabout in Highway 179 known as the “Y” near Uptown Sedona, go south on Highway 179 for approximately 5.2 miles to the left turn out that crosses oncoming traffic and leads you into the parking area. Once parked, gather your gear and head south toward the large bell-shaped rock to begin the moderate climb up Bell Rock where you’ll find wonderful views and great spots for photos!


  • Open year round.
  • Difficulty: Easy to Moderate.
  • A Red Rock pass is mandatory, especially since this is a heavily used area.
  • Usage: Moderate to Heavy and finding a parking spot at the trailhead can be difficult.
  • Elevation gain: Up to 430 feet.
  • Length: about 1 mile<./li>

  • Hiking time: Up to about 45 minutes one way.
  • Facilities: none.
  • Dogs allowed on a leash.

Special Tips:

  • Hiking shoes or boots are recommended.
  • This trail is not recommended for very small children. A walking stick is a nice way to stabilize your balance along the way, but is not necessary.
  • If you have a fear of heights, enjoy the lower areas of Bell Rock.
  • Always take plenty of water, especially in warmer weather, and possibly a snack, but please remember, “Leave no trace” and take what you brought along home with you.
  • Take your camera and binoculars to capture the views.
  • Parking: Early in the morning is a good time to avoid the rush and a full parking lot, especially on weekends and holidays.
  • Don’t hike alone and let others know where you’re headed—just in case!