Inspiration from Nature

By L.A. Trombetta

“In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.”
― John Muir

Can you sense the spiritually nourishing power of the natural world?

Ponder this thought; early man was surrounded with nature. He constructed dwellings from stone, wood, and mud to protect himself from the ever changing elements of his world. With little separation between the body of a man and nature, the energy of life flowed naturally between the human and the surroundings he depended on for sustenance. In today’s world, we have constructed dwellings and lifestyles that can separate us from this energy.

When we walk in nature, I believe primordial memory calls to our attention. Slowing down to the speed of life, we begin to open our awareness, reconnecting along the trail to our inner self and, ultimately, to the energy that permeates and animates all of life. These moments of walking meditation open our heart and our mind to reveal that, in spite of our technological advances, we have actually never lost our connection—we have only hidden it from view!

Heed the The Call of Sedona; hear the call of Nature wherever you are. Open your door, walk with her and receive what waits in the small hollows of the fallen tree and the grand views from the mountaintop—you’ll be far richer for the experience.