By Liz Howie

Red rock heart in tree during heart walkI always seem to see hearts in nature, no different on this hike. Every few steps going up to Kachina Woman in Boyton Canyon, I would come upon a red rock heart precariously positioned in a tree along the way. I thought to myself, “I will take pics on the way down,” and continued up the hill to experience the energy the Earth would offer me.

As I took my descent, I came upon a man who said, “Isn’t it a beautiful day?!” and I replied, “It’s always a beautiful day here, have you seen the red rock hearts in the trees?” He reached in his pocket and said, “Here is a red rock heart gift for you, my name is Bob and I placed those in the trees to help people open their hearts.” I just weeped, as this is exactly the kind of experience I have each time I come to Sedona.

Bob said he was a Reiki Master, and they were having a Reiki session that evening at Peace Place and that we should come. We did. my sister and I received and gave beautiful energy along with 25 other beautiful people.

My Sedona story is a never-ending, magical tale of a heart-opening, love-experiencing, nature-adoring fest. Thank you for all that you are Mother Earth! I love you!

About the Author
My husband Gordon and I live in a high-rise condo in Downtown Denver, Colorado. We are retired and spend our time enjoying our dog Reiki, our children, grandchildren, and travelling every chance we get!