New Year in Sedona 2013

[Written by Mary McLean] With Sedona touted on so many websites as an ideal destination for art-oriented activities, outdoor adventures, spiritual pursuits, spa vacations, and just spectacular beauty, it’s not surprising that an international travel blog, aka, lists Sedona as one of the world’s Top Seven Places (including Rio’s Copacabana Beach and Austria’s Innsbruck) to celebrate the New Year.

 Is It Time for a Change?

Have you thought about what you will be doing this New Year?Will the tried and true traditions–watching the ball drop amid cheering crowds in New York’s Times Square, the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl game, making resolutions you have no intention of keeping, or maybe partying and jousting your way through noisy crowds on an extravagant beach or skiing holiday – work for you?

If your eyes just glazed over with boredom, you’re not alone. Though usually distinguished by sensory over indulgences, the New Year is still all about a fresh start, a new perspective, and, for more and more people,a desire for a more authentic and spiritually fulfilling life.And it doesn’t have to be tedious – in fact, this could possibly your most exciting and fun New Year ever.  Really.

 A Sedona New Year Takes It Up a Notch-or Two!

What with Mayan (and other indigenous peoples) predictions of planetary transformation on all levels – some of which may already have been reflected in your own life – you would have to be a hermit to not have heard that this New Year could be unlike any other. In fact, 2013 has been touted as the doorway to the evolution of a brand new world of peace and love.

And remember – Sedona is considered a renowned planetary “power spot” famed for accelerating spiritual transformation. If you want to catch the “vibe” of intensely positive earth energies, a “power spot”- like Machu Picchu or Glastonbury or Sedona – is a great place to start the New Year.And we promise you won’t be bored.

Imagine modern indulgences – spas, gourmet dining, and nightlife-juxtaposed by abundant outdoor activities in a red rock fantasy land perfect for peaceful introspection from the madding crowd.If that’s not enough, Sedona is a place where you will feel very supported in making the changes you desire for your life. What more could you want for the New Year?

How to Prepare 

You may need to do nothing at all except toarrive in Sedona with an open mind, a real desire for and commitment to realizing your inner truth, and the courage to open your heart.

If you like to journal and you have been keeping one – great! If not, consider taking some time to write down what you wish to change in your life – beginning with you!This offers greater clarity and focus for the adventure ahead.

Read this article for some great ideas for journaling before, during, and after your trip.

Remember those resolutions? What do you really want? How can you be more of who you are to achieve greater awareness? Keep open to what you truly desire within and not necessarily what is sanctioned by society. Once you really reflect on your life and consider the positive changes you would like to see, you might be surprised that what you thought you wanted has evolved to something quite different. That’s because you’re listening to your heart.

And go to to book lodging, activities, and restaurants; if lodging is scarce, consider Cottonwood, Camp Verde, or nearby areas.

 Extraordinary Everyday Activities

  1. Visit the famed vortexes. Go to this website’s site index for in-depth information. You’ll be amazed.
  2. Take a hike or bike on a multitude of trails surrounded by majestic red rock sculptures. Stop, look, listen, and…
  3. Meditate like you never have before among the red rocks. (You’ll have to find out what this means for yourself).
  4. Take a jeep tour oriented to your preferences – there’s something for everyone here.
  5. Book a fabulous spa experience to ease your mind, body, and spirit into 2013.
  6. Check here for activity updates.

 Special New Year Events and Retreats

  • Sedona Mago Retreat is hosting a special four-day New Year Retreat to help you connect to the source of your inner power and facilitate “self-reflection, healing, and powerful insights.” For more information, click here.
  • Winter Solstice 2012 Workshop – Dec. 20-23.  Lead by Haejung Jung of  Sedona Meditation center. Inca ceremony by Wachan and Martica.  Includes sunrise meditation, new year yoga, drumming, and collaborative healing. Held at Sedona Mago Retreat. For more information, click  here.
  • The Sedona Method’s 6-Day Holiday Retreat helps you to “dive deeply in the limitless, beauty, love and peace that you are.” For more information, click here.
  • New Year’s 6-Day Retreat at Enchantment Resort facilitated by Louix Dor Dempriey. Illuminating discourses, personal guidance, hikes, etc. For more information, click here.
  • Crossing Worlds Journey – Dec. 29 & 30:  Mystical Nature Shamanic Journey, Inner Pathways/Conscious Evolution Soul Journey Session, Past – Future Life, Redreaming Ceremony, Child Mystic Soul Journey Session, Soul Retrieval and Extraction Shamanic Healing Session.  For more information, click here.

New Year’s Eve

  • Unity of Sedona, 7:00: A Course In Miracles; and Sedona Oneness; Blessing, a transfer of Divine Energy for Awakening to Oneness. For more information, click here.
  • Preparing for 2013: Experiential Seminar New Year’s Eve Sunset Program with ceremonial leader,Uqualla, of the Havasupai Tribe. For more information, click here.
  • 7 Centers YogaAnnual New Year’s Eve Kirtan with the Kirtan Wallahs to “Chant in the New Year” 9 p.m. For more information, click here.
  • OM in the New Year, Indian dancing, kirtan, and vegetarian feast. For more information, click here.
  • Some Traditional Celebrations:
    • Enjoy dinner, drinks, and music and ring in the New Year at Reds Restaurant of Sedona Rouge
    • Dinner, comedy, and music to toast the New Year at Los Abrigados Resort.

New Year’s Day

  • Circle of Power Ceremony, a teaching and participatory drum healing ceremony to evoke powerful cosmic energies for new beginnings. Fore more information, click here.
  • New Year’s Blessing Ceremony for the 2013 Medicine Year with Uqualla of the Havasupai Tribe. For more information, click here.

 Even if you can’t decide among these enticing options, what are you waiting for? Because Sedona is waiting for you. Come and celebrate and gain new inspiration and insight for what could be the most important year of your life.Come to Sedona for the New Year!