With dark, richly colored floors reminiscent of the earthy hues of an ancient forest, pale walls, natural wood beamed ceilings, and a Zen-like interior design that features a traditional Korean door, plants, bamboo, and pure, simple surfaces and lines, the new Chakra Healing Arts Center makes you feel as if you’ve ascended (via its cinnabar-colored stairs, of course) to a sanctuary of harmony and peace. Your face relaxes, a smile curves your lips and, with a deep breath, you quietly sigh, “Ah-h-h-h.”

Enter the Serenity

It feels almost sumptuous within these walls, and that is because the center’s carefully orchestrated simplicity of design helps to create an atmosphere that feels balanced, nurturing, and peaceful.  Such qualities are intrinsic and expertly revealed within the center’s comprehensive programs for physical, spiritual, and energetic healing, and also reflected in the hearts and minds of each practitioner. Every service, in fact, is highly personalized and oriented toward this goal and given within softly lit mini-sanctuaries of alluring tranquility.

Many healing centers are unique, but the Sedona Chakra Healing Arts Center is unlike any other healing center in Sedona or perhaps in the country. Its philosophy and mission is based on a humanitarian ideal known in Korea as “Hong Ik” – which means to “advance the welfare of all humanity” as well as transcend individual limitations for the good of the earth and the human race.

 The Therapies

 “We practice the most natural forms of healing and medicine,” said Banya Lim, the director of the center, “by combining ancient and modern therapies. We want people to know that, with the right guidance, the body can heal itself, and we honor the body’s innate ability to do so. We also help people to select the therapy that will best serve them.”

 Massages: Among those offered are the highly unique Hwal Gong Meridian Massage, from a healing tradition almost 10,000 years old that features highly specific motions and techniques; Chakra: Healing, Aromatherapy, and Brain Relaxation Massage; and, of course, Reflexology.

Healings: These include LifeParticle Healing, Brain Relaxation, Position Therapy, Spiritual Acupuncture, and Mago Energy Healing.

Position Therapy and Training, for example, is based on energy principles. Simply by holding one’s body in different postures, meridians can be opened. These meridians connect to different organs of the body, which are, in turn, connected to specific emotions. Thus, blocked emotions are released. “It’s really quite effective,” Banya said.

Spiritual Acupuncture is a term coined and trademarked by Banya and a tribute to her mother. With three generations of healers preceding her, Banya was introduced to their secrets by her mother, an acupuncturist, intuitive, healer, and herbalist. In past years, acupuncture in Korea was a man’s profession; for a woman to practice it, combined with these other techniques, was very unusual, and “energy” was seldom discussed. Her mother was forced to be reticent about her practice. Banya was certain, however, that these skills were valuable and should be integrated into her practice.  “I decided not to be shy about it and bring back the original teachings.”

She explained that spiritual acupuncture is based on the understanding that our composition is physical, spiritual, and energetic; all must be tapped to help create healing. “Energy is the voice of our spirit,” Banya explained, “and the quality of the pulse reveals the state of the spirit and determines the acupuncture treatments prescribed. Everyone has different blockages that reflect the condition of one’s energetic and spiritual bodies.”

In great pain, one man literally crawled through her office door after falling off a horse. After three treatments, he felt fine. “They took x-rays three months later and discovered a broken vertebrae from the accident that had since healed,” Banya smiled.

Another client suffered recurring skin cancer. “They had cut it away each time it appeared and now it was on her nose. She was horrified that necessary surgery would disfigure her.” With herbs and acupuncture, it was completely cured, with no more recurrences.

Readings: Intuitive Readings, Chun Bu Kyung Tao Card Readings, and Past Life Reading and Healing offer real insight and assistance for healing. “Past life readings can be very valuable for healing,” said Banya, who was trained by Brian Weiss, M.D. An expert in the field, Dr. Weiss believes that past life regressions provide the keys to healing imbalances and revealing one’s spiritual purpose.

Another offering, the Chun Bu Kyung Tao Card Reading, is quite profound.  Chun Bu Kyung is an ancient Taoist text of 81 characters that are a numerical representation of the laws of the cosmos and is based on the understanding that everything is part of a cosmic harmony. By realizing their innate divine potential, humans can become one with the essence of the universe and embody creativity, peace, and love. These characters describe this process of awakening and regeneration and each holds a specific energy and conveys a particular message.

Trainings: To help people heal themselves and others, trainings in LifeParticle, Third Eye Opening, Energy Opening, and LifeParticle Guided Meditation are offered.

Future Opportunities…

If you would love to know more about these therapies, the center will be offering workshops on spiritual acupuncture, group acupuncture, energy healings, group past life, and position therapy. Visit the center’s website for dates and times as well as more detailed information: www.sedonachac.com.