Schnebly Hill Road is one of the most beautiful and scenic routes in Sedona, Arizona. The steep, twisty and unpaved drive was the main route from Sedona to Flagstaff between 1901 and 1914, before Oak Creek Canyon Road (US-89A) was built. Twenty minutes down this road that connects Arizona State Route 179 and Interstate 17 is a rocky outlook called Merry-Go-Round with grayish Apache limestone at its base and red and orange Schnebly Hill sandstone forming quirky shapes above it. From this point, you can see a panorama of red rock formations: Coffee Pot Rock, Mitten Ridge, Thumb Butte, and Moose’s Butte. Far in the distance is downtown Sedona and below are three unique, flat swirls of rock that bring to mind their given name of ‘Cow Pies.’

Enjoy this video made by STEM Production of one of the most breathtaking areas of Sedona, especially at sunset. It is a place with a long history, a sacred place where Native American tribes once held ancestral ceremonies. Even today, travelers who brave the pot-marked gravel road are rewarded with more than an awe-inspiring view. Those who sit there in meditation often see visions of these Native American forefathers, and even discover past lives as one of them.