“This has been a very hard and exhausting week and today I felt, well, so empty, but then after this class, and sending and working with energy, I feel full again,” Frank said, bursting into a smile.

Others in the circle of sharing after Wednesday’s Collaborative Healing nodded in agreement.  Everyone seemed calm, centered, and full of light.

 Tapping into the Rhythm   

Led by J at the Sedona Meditation Center, the LifeParticle collaborative healing  class is beautifully designed to create an amazing experience that is almost effortless.

Relaxing the body and mind to experience LifeParticles

LifeParticle is a term coined by meditation expert Ilchi Lee and refers to the smallest energy particles that compose all of life. He introduced the term in his New York Times bestseller, The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart.

Music with a spirited and energetic beat greets you when you arrive, and everyone enthusiastically gathers in a circle to start belly tapping, which helps create circulation in the body. As they tap, each person takes turns counting to ten until the total reaches about two hundred.  Then, each person takes turns with their partner to lightly pound, massage, and gently scratch the other’s back, which ends with a gentle massage to the lower back area.

“There are many ways to get circulation,” J explained to the class, “but two easy methods are tapping the abdomen to feel the vibration and heat, which creates good energy circulation, and the second is movement, especially dancing! Now we have something very happy for you to watch.”

With this, the room darkened, and we watched a very funny video clip of twin babies in their high chairs who, when lively music started playing, immediately reacted with joy and moved in sync with the music’s rhythm.

“You see,” J smiled, “we can be like these babies and move with our own inner rhythm, it is our thoughts that stop us.”

With her gentle and caring direction, we closed our eyes and began to move, shake, and dance to music that almost in itself enlivened the body. “This is special music,” J said. And it seemed so. It was easy to move to it. Soon the pace quickened with drums and cymbals and Haejung gently encouraged us to keep in sync and just allow our bodies to flow naturally with the beat.

 Visualizing Energy Particles

 When the music stopped and our LifeParticles were well circulated, we stood with eyes closed, legs apart, knees bent, and palms up to feel the energy vibration as we focused on our palms and moved our hands up and down very slowly. It was a great exercise to start feeling the energy that we had stimulated through movement just before.

Every exercise was beautifully accompanied by ideal music that helped it to flow naturally and easily.

Energy meditation with LifeParticle Cards

Now we envisioned a ball of energy on our palms that grew bigger and bigger until it enveloped us. Next, we envisioned raindrops in the form of LifeParticles coming down that entered our bodies and grew brighter and brighter. We were becoming Light. “You are the Universe,” J said softly. “Now say, I am the Universe, I am the Universe.”  We visualized bright sunshine from heaven going to our hearts and saw our hearts opening and all darkness disappearing. “Keep receiving sacred energy to your soul, your heart and soul is blooming, and LifeParticles are coming down to your heart and blooming it,” she repeated gently.

Receiving and Sending Energy   

 After some time of practicing this, we were ready to partner and practice sending LifeParticles to each other.  Each segment of the practice was guided in a very gentle but supportive manner by our teacher and included sharing with our partner what we had felt in terms of the energy created.  It helped us to further comprehend and relate to how and what we were doing in working with the LifeParticles.

The next exercise was in gathering in a circle around anyone who wanted to experience the healing effect of LifeParticles from everyone.  J led us through each of the steps to using the LifeParticle Cards to send LifeParticles to two people, Christina and Thomas, in the circle’s center.

Christina was excited about sharing her experience. “I was very aware that my circulation had increased and an abundance of energy flowed through me! My heart, arteries, and even capillaries opened to receive light, energy, and love. My heart opened with all the love that was sent, and I felt a helmet of energy around my head when energy was sent to my face. And my body felt like it kept adjusting, like my shoulder that’s out of alignment went back into alignment.”

Thomas couldn’t speak right away because he wanted to stay in the energy for as long as he could. After class, he confided, “This was my first time, and it is so relaxing and yet I feel awakened. I feel very blessed and very guided to come here. I’ve done meditation, but have never felt the energy as intensely as this. The partner technique is very interesting. It wasn’t interfering at all, which surprised me. Instead, it was enhancing to the energy!”

Sharing Effortless Experiences

At the end of the class, everyone stayed in the circle and shared what the class had meant to them.

“What I discovered,” Lynn said, “is the LifeParticle routine serves to give energy back. It’s a peaceful approach, letting the body do the directing, and puts energy back into the body without stressing the adrenals. I’ve done yoga and t’ai chi in the past, and it’s stressed my body because I have adrenal problems. This doesn’t!”

People sharing their experiences in a circle

Other comments ranged from, “I feel wonderful!” to “I feel very peaceful” to “I feel new again” to “I am realizing through this that I need to open up to those people who aren’t loving, who are difficult, and that’s what’s holding me back. I need to open my heart more.”

At the end of class, J encouraged everyone to do LifeParticle meditation about five minutes every day. “I’m grateful to offer this collaborative healing class  to the Sedona community,” she said. “People find their genuine intention to help others through this experience.  We realize how much we want to love and to be loved.”

“You know, this center and this class is Sedona’s best kept secret,” said Thomas. “We’ve got to get the word out!”

Open to everybody, LifeParticle Collaborative Healing is held at 6pm every Wednesday at the Sedona Meditation Center for free.  For more information, call the center at 928-282-3600 or visit their website.