[Written by Karen Berg-Raftakis]

Karen Berg-Raftakis

Karen Berg-Raftakis

Years ago a psychic told me she saw that I had been to Sedona many times. I told her I hadn’t, and she emphatically told me that I was there in my dreams. I did not know what to make of that and really had no desire to visit Sedona at the time. About ten years later, in March 2012, I decided to go there with a girlfriend. Leading up to my visit, I experienced an inner calm and peace I had never experienced before in my life. My friend was very scared our trip was going to be ruined as it had been snowing heavily there. I told her not to worry, everything would work out, and it did. The weather was perfect, and we had scheduled a vortex tour. As soon as I met our guide, I felt very serene and happy. When we reached our first vortex, I began to cry and cry, and I couldn’t explain why, I was just overwhelmed with gratitude. I had never seen such beauty and majesty in my life. My third eye opened up and I was feeling and sensing things like crazy. Immediately after the tour I felt guided to write a poem about Sedona and here it is ….


I’ve heard rumors of you for years
It seemed as if everyone was
singing your praises
Your natural beauty, power,
My teachers,
they all have lived with you
and I
have always wanted to meet
and appreciate
your red rock canyons
and penetrate
the mysteries within you
It was through
the back seat car window
I first was introduced to you
and I knew
that the image of you
would never fade away
When I was young
I did not have the opportunity to
commune with nature
So once I was older
whenever I could
I visited your sister
the water
I immersed myself in her
breathed in the intoxicating
salt-water air
Cool ocean breeze skipping lightly on my skin
I didn’t know
the desert
could possibly compare
have you been all my life Sedona?
Broke down crying uncontrollably
as if you were a soul mate
with whom I parted company
but who then decided finally
to come back to me
Or maybe . . .
I left you once a long long time ago
and now centuries have passed
and I’ve come back home
Once I wondered
why so many came
and overstayed their visit
but now I ask
how could they not?
Clothed in red-orange
arrayed in peach colored hues
and dark green foliage
your early morning March wind
breathes through my hair lovingly
Fingering my seven chakra quartz crystal necklace
having heard all which are tangled in your vortexes
are supposed to be
but I did not plan on being
so stupefied
and Gratitude
These are the good-bye gifts you have bestowed upon me
I will be back Sedona
you will see
So, as I will never forget you
please don’t forget me . . .

I did return to Sedona and sooner than I expected! I just spent 4 days there in July 2012.
Karen Berg-Raftakis is from Brookfield, Illinois and has been writing poetry since she was a teenager. She is active in the spiritual community and shares each week on ACIM Gather Radio on Wednesday nights at 9:00 pm and Thursday evenings at 8:30 pm Central Time. She is looking forward to the day when she can retire in Sedona.