“Bring Your Favorite Line to Life!”. When we launched The Call of Sedona Facebook contest earlier this year, we were little nervous. We encouraged people to playfully animate their favorite inspirational line in the book with a photography, video, or illustrations. The response was snail- slow in the beginning, made us tear our hair out and murmured “Did we ask for too much?!”

But soon, we were wowed with hundreds of awesome entries. Many of them were seriously inspirational, some were side splitters, and one was greatly delicious. Katherine made a yummy masterpiece inspired by the book’s greatness theme: a Cathedral Rock shape of cake decorated with ripe blueberries pretending juniper trees (we guessed).

One thing that amazed us was the fact that many people liked the same lines despite all dynamic interpretations and expressions of them. Maybe we love and desire same things in the deepest in our hearts. Here are the 9 most loved lines from The Call of Sedona book that you will love too.

Wild Flower In Sedona

1. The Dream Quote
Dreams are reality that has not become true. Dreams are reality that has not become true. However, in the hearts of some people, they have already come true. People whose dreams are already achieved in their heart, and who can see that as they boldly throw themselves into it, have true courage.

2. The Flower  Quote
We are individual flowers blooming on a single tree called Life. Because each flower makes the effort to complete its own unique color, shape, and fragrance, the whole tree of Life can emanate greater vital power in all its fullness. Though we are all one, we each have our unique individuality. But nevertheless we share the same origin.

3. The Emotion Quote
We have to learn how to ride the waves of our emotions as if we were surfing, instead of floundering and getting swept up in them. Just as it’s important to keep your balance when surfing, you don’t get pulled by the undertow of your emotions when you’re firmly rooted in your center which is your True Self.

 4. The Conflict Quote
When there is no energy, there is no conflict, and where there is no conflict, there is no creation. Conflict is the source of creation.  One needs to know how to powerfully embrace the tension that arises when opposing energies meet and there is conflict and struggle. A life that avoids conflicts never changes.

5. The Hope Quote
No matter what difficult situations we may find ourselves in, we are able to change them and create them anew according to our choice. We can choose hope no matter what the situation. And with amazing creativity, we can design our lives and become drivers of our destiny.

6The You Can Quote
It’s natural to have emotions or memories that are hard to let go of even when you know they’re blocks to your growth. But no matter how deep the hurt or emotion may be, if you let go of it, you can.

7. The Voice Quote
If you don’t listen to the voice of your True Self and discover a dream into which you can pour all your passion, all you can do is keep living with a feeling of futility in the midst of a mindlessly hectic lifestyle.

8. The Prayer Quote
The most earnest prayer that I know is to ask for the life energy of the universe to come down into my body and let my mind become full and overflowing with peace and gratitude. Meditation is earnest prayer, and when prayer progresses, it becomes true meditation.

 9. The Completion Quote
Because everyone has a natural yearning for completion, we are able to change and recreate ourselves endlessly. Because we have a sense of completion within us, and because we have the will and desire to reach that state of completion, human beings have the potential for greatness and can become greater any time.