Welcome to the Call of Sedona 

Sedona’s natural beauty lures millions of visitors every year.

You’ve probably heard of Sedona, Arizona. Like Machu Picchu in Peru, it has become an iconic place of inspiration and adventure, characterized by a landscape imbued with a mysterious spiritual power. In fact, this extraordinary quality draws millions of people every year to Sedona, a small town in the high desert of Arizona.

Surrounded by the expansive vistas of red rocks under a bright blue sky, hugged by the warmth of the friendly sun, and refreshed by the clear, dry air, it’s easy to feel inspired and awed on this land. But beneath Sedona’s obvious wonder is an even deeper, more precious quality.

Ilchi Lee recognized Sedona’s magical qualities on his first visit.

And that’s exactly what Ilchi Lee, a renowned meditation teacher, realized on his first visit to Sedona. He recognized right away that Sedona had magical qualities that paralleled or exceeded its natural attractions.

During his sixteen years of living in Sedona, Ilchi Lee has experienced how the rocks, trees, and water call to each person who stands among them. They send messages to your heart—messages to which your heart naturally wants to respond. Sedona brings out the best and the deepest within you. He calls this ability the Sedona spirit. However, if you want to catch that spirit and receive Sedona’s messages, you need to be open to it.

The Call of Sedona shares a soulful experience on the blessed land

Ilchi Lee wrote a book, The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart, believing that, while not everyone can afford the journey to Sedona, all deserve the same opportunities for the awakening of the spirit that Sedona instills.

In this book, he walks you through opening your heart to the Sedona spirit in the most powerful places in and around Sedona. You will delight in the remarkable awakenings and heart-expanding inspirations he experienced in this blessed land. The book also provides a range of advice on meditation and spirituality that will benefit anyone, anywhere—without taking even one step on its famed red rock soil.

A magical story behind the book

In fall 2011, a small independent company in Sedona, Arizona published the first edition of The Call of Sedona. Thanks to Ilchi Lee’s national book tour and online buzz, the book attained such popularity that, amazingly, it made the New York Times bestseller list as well as the USA Today, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times bestseller lists. But the book’s distribution was still limited.

Then something magical happened when Susan Moldow, Executive Vice President and Publisher of Scribner, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, swung by Sedona on her way to the Grand Canyon and discovered The Call of Sedona. It was destiny, and Sedona ultimately provided a powerful platform for the book that illumined its profoundly unique qualities. Scribner republished Ilchi Lee’s book in July 2012, and now The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart, is not only touching thousands of hearts around the world but also bringing many inspired readers to this magical land.

See what others have to say about The Call of Sedona

The Call of Sedona is not nearly so much about a place as it is about a place of Being; not only about a location on the map of the world, but a location on the map of the mind. Recognizing that this unique city in America holds both a Message and a Metaphor for those in search of greater meaning and purpose in life, Ilchi Lee has produced a book filled with remarkable wisdom inspired in a remarkable setting. Not to be missed.
– Neale Donald Walsch, Author of Conversations with God series

 I have been to Sedona only once. I was so struck by the power and magic of this land—and I remember thinking, ‘This place is a cathedral in which to worship.’ Let The Call of Sedona bring this holy earth energy right into your heart.
– Christiane Northrup, M.D., Author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom



From the first few pages of this beautiful book, I began to experience immense feelings of love. I felt as though Sedona was reaching out and loving me. I’ve never experienced such a visceral heart opening from a book before.
– Barbara J. Semple, author of Instant Healing


Why Ilchi Lee Wrote this Book?

“The essence of the message that Sedona has conveyed to me is that inside each one of us there is a much greater and more beautiful truth and dream than the ordinary ones we know. And that we already have everything we need to achieve them.”, says Ilchi Lee in The Call of Sedona.


Since The Call of Sedona has gone viral, something amazing happened.

Today, Sedona’s special charisma draws people from all over the world—people who are seeking something but are sometimes not even sure of what it is they seek. And their stories have become legends in the land. Life changing experiences are so common that word has spread and keeps spreading—people keep coming back and new seekers continue to arrive.

Since The Call of Sedona has gone viral, something amazing has happened. Many inspired readers of the book have also started coming to Sedona from all over the world to experience the spirit of Sedona firsthand and have asked for Ilchi Lee’s assistance. As he travels abroad and is not always available, some teachers who were trained by Ilchi Lee started helping people with retreats and workshops based on the philosophy of the book.

We’d love to see Sedona’s magic happen for you.

“It is always our dreams that lend meaning and value to our daily life. If you need a dream, or if you need to rediscover a dream you’ve lost, come here to Sedona,” writes Ilchi Lee in The Call of Sedona. Indeed, Sedona is a place to lift our spirits and awaken to the deeper knowledge within.

We’ve seen so many people find a renewed sense of purpose through life-transforming experiences here in Sedona—and we would love to see it happen for you. With the great assistance of Sedona’s inspiring beauty, we are happy to introduce retreats and workshops that facilitate your soulful Sedona experience.